How we're responding to COVID-19

Well, we are responding as best we can...

Our team is very sensitive to the dangers and risks associated with COVID-19. During our work and engagements at events, our team member will have access to hand sanitizer and disposable gloves. In addition, they each are being supplied with multi-ply face mask. Our ordering system is also intended to allow customers to be able to order from their cell phones or via chip reader. Each item is packed and labeled individually, ahead of time.

We got masks! Fresh masks! Masks help us all!

Providing safety and security to all is critical. We ask that our team all wear masks at all times while serving the public. We also ask kindly in return that all those interested in making a purchase or picking up a purchase, please safely social distance, and please wear a mask. Masks aren't much fun, but they are a proven method that significantly reduces risk for all of us.

Innovation and passion for success leads to a future of excitement

We have launched Frederick Glow Gear as a way to bring people together to celebrate. Finding things to enjoy and be excited about helps relieve some of the stresses associated with the challenges that 2020 has dropped upon our doorstep. It is our hope that you will find joy even in the middle of this dark time, through our interactions, our products, and our passion for quality and unique apparel.